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1 St John's Lane, London

Phone: +44 (0)20 7014 1712
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Clinical Supervisor Job


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Lower Dir, Pu, Pakistan 


Healthcare Jobs

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Full time




Medical-Health: General-Other: Medical-Health

Job Description:

POSITION: Clinical Supervisor


WORKING WITH: Deputy Technical; M&E Specialist; Project Medical Team and DoH Staff.

LOCATION: Dir (Lower)

Merlin International Profile

Merlin specializes in health, saving lives in times of crisis and helping to rebuild shattered health services. Each year, Merlin helps more than 15 million people in up to 20 countries.

Context and Background

Merlin has been operational in Pakistan since 2005, providing life saving activities for the most vulnerable communities in Kashmir, Baluchistan, FATA and KPK Provinces. Merlin first became operational in Pakistan following the 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, and has since responded to a number of emergencies including the Yemini Cyclone in 2007 and Ziarat quake in 2008 in Baluchistan, and the IDP crisis from 2009 onwards, affecting various districts of KPK. Since 2008 Merlin has also been implementing a large-scale development project focusing on malaria control in Baluchistan, FATA and KPK, this has included acting as the procurement agent for Global Fund partners in Pakistan. Merlin is a major health player in Pakistan, working in close coordination and collaboration with all involved stakeholders. Merlin’s main objective in Pakistan has been to improve the health status of the population most affected by natural disasters, diseases and conflict. Merlin is committed to longer-term programming in Pakistan and plans to continue to operate to meet the health needs of the Pakistani population.

In response to the July monsoon flooding disaster and subsequent health crisis, Merlin mobilized health and medical teams to lead a rapid emergency response to meet escalating health needs of flood-affected and displaced communities. Merlin has continued its regular programmes and extended coverage to communities affected by the flood; currently reaching approximately 2,000,000 people through the provision of essential health services, community management of malnutrition and communicable disease surveillance and management. Merlin is currently operating in Swat, Buner, Nowshera, and Charsadda districts in KPK province and Muzaffargarh in Punjab province. Merlin’s model of care is based on the provision of an integrated package of health and nutrition services via static and mobile outreach services (currently supporting a total of 38 static health facilities and 26 mobile clinics). Merlin also currently supports seven diarrheal treatment units across all operational districts. Merlin has expanded its malaria control operations to six flood affected districts in Baluchistan and KPK provinces. This has been done through the initiation of malaria case management, surveillance and outbreak response in disease endemic parts of the country in partnership with the provincial malaria directorate. Merlin’s malaria programs are therefore now reaching a total of 11 million people across 16 districts in KPK, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Baluchistan. Merlin works closely with the Ministry of Health, Health and Nutrition Clusters and Department of Malaria Control, to ensure close coordination and collaboration with all involved stakeholders


Overall Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and technically manage the planning and direction of Organization’s health activities at HUB level
  • Develop and/or maintain a coherent project implementation strategy in collaboration with the HUB Coordinator
  • Determine project direction in consultation with the HUB Coordinator and District Management Team (CMT)
  • Provide technical support to the health team through on-the-job-support and mentoring and supportive supervision
  • Collect and analyze health data and use it for planning and timely decision making
  • Represent INGO at district level with the involved stakeholders, as and when required
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Line Manager

Key Responsibilities:


  • Provide technical and managerial support to all health team members in fulfillment of their duties according to project activities/objectives
  • Assist in design and implementation of the project health activities, including changes of project direction or priorities in collaboration with project staff, HUB Coordinator and District Management Team
  • Assist in preparing and implementing project operational and action plan in timely manner, in collaboration with project staff, HUB Co. and DMT
  • Assist in preparing & implementing project medical protocols and data collection tools as required in collaboration with DoH representatives and ensure the team is fully conversant with and trained in the same
  • Establish mechanisms of providing regular updates on health activity status to the involved stakeholders including feedback on HIS statistics to the Medical Staff and to ensure that HIS has been used as a management tool
  • Assist in preparing monthly/periodic reports for INGO internal utility and/or for other stakeholders in collaboration with the HUB Co and DMT
  • Plan and implement thematic capacity building plans for DOH and INGO staff at the project level.
  • Plan and implement follow-up-after training plan including on-the-job support to identify and rectify the gaps in program implementation, using supportive supervision tools
  • Plan and implement activities to ensure community involvement and participation in the health activities intended for them
  • Plan and implement program activities to strengthen out reach health activities with improved community awareness in preventative health measures and increased utilization of out reach services
  • Plan and implement various campaign at the project sites in collaboration with the involved stakeholders, HUB Co. and DMT
  • Establish/maintain a referral mechanism between different levels of healthcare
  • Manage medical stocks (such as timely preparation and approval of all medical orders etc) in close collaboration with District Pharmacist, Logs and HUB Co., keeping in view the lead time for processing requests and buffer stock approaches
  • Monitor the drug consumption and with the help of assistant pharmacist establish/maintain mechanisms of consumption record and reporting from the health facilities to the district level warehouse and logs


  • Co-ordinate and represent with involved stakeholders and ensure that all project activities are carried out with their agreement and as far as possible with their participation, in conjunction with the HUB Coordinator.
  • Co-ordinate medical activities within the project site in close collaboration with other members of the INGO medical team and DHO officials to ensure objectives are achieved and resources are well utilized.
  • Represent INGO at district level and relevant international agencies (WHO, other NGO actors), when required

Supervision and Human Resources:

  • Line manage health staff effectively, using appropriate delegation
  • Monitor health staff performance through regular appraisal
  • Enhance technical and health management skills of national health staff through formal & informal training

Person Specifications


  • Medical doctor with at least three years experience of health project management

  • Experience/familiarity with HMIS/DHIS, epidemiological analysis and M&E

  • Willing to travel to and live in difficult and remote areas

  • Strong communication skills with excellent written and spoken English

  • Experience of establishing strong working relationships with colleagues from different cultures including networking with DoH and other organizations


  • Experience in designing/implementing quantitative and qualitative assessments
  • Knowledge of local language and in particular Pashto
  • Previous experience within a humanitarian aid organisation and DoH, in particular working in primary heath care programs.
  • Good organizational skills