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1 St John's Lane, London

Phone: +44 (0)20 7014 1712
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Medical Officer Job


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Bannu, Kpk, Pakistan 


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Medical-Health: General-Other: Medical-Health

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Role and Responsibilities of Medical Officer


  1. MO/SMO is answerable to Head of clinical unit and through him, to the Clinical Supervisor/Medical Superintendent of the hospital.
  2. His/her job is full time & non-practicing.
  3. He/she will work under the supervision of in-charge of the unit
  4. Will follow the departmental SOPs
  5. Any other duty assigned to him by Clinical Supervisor, I/C of the unit & Hub Coordinator.

MO/SMO General OPD

  • Attends OPD, examine patients & either prescribe medicine or refer them to specialist for expert opinion or admission

Casualty Medical Officer (CMO)

  • CMO will deal with all emergency & medico legal cases of surgical or medical nature irrespective of police station.
  • He/she will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the A& E Department through appropriate staff.
  • He/she will call staff (Doctors, Administrative staff, nurses, Paramedics & drivers) in mass emergency situations with the support of Hub Coordinator.
  • He/she will control ambulances attached to A&E for transportation of patients to and from hospital.
  • He/she will resuscitate patients & either seek the advice of a specialist or the doctor on duty in the concerned unit or will admit the patient for observation in a specific ward according to the nature of the illness.
  • He/she will maintain record of medico legal cases & will provide information to the police in a timely manner & will also attend the court whenever summoned.

MO/SMO Clinical Unit

  • He/she will be present for the daily ward round.
  • He/she will document DPR & will review the allotted beds.
  • He/she will give presentation of his assigned patients in the morning round.
  • He/she will document & carry out all the orders recommended for his patients in the round.
  • He/she will prepare the discharge slips & will explain treatment & follow up plan with the discharge patients.
  • He/she will remain physically present in the ward premises during his scheduled shift.
  • He/she will perform OPD duties per departmental protocol & duty roster.
  • He/she will prepare OT list, consenting patients, preparation of patients for surgery or other procedures.
  • He/she will assist specialists in OT.
  • He/she will participate in departmental as well as hospital academic activities.
  • He/she will remain on duty during public holidays as per duty roster.
  • He/she will document & inform on call seniors about any unusual circumstances while on duty.
  • He/she will be available in unforeseen circumstances to help his/her team.

Human resources


  • Manage the project staff, including team building, and appraisals with close coordination of HR Peshawar department
  • Identify medical team’s knowledge and skills gaps, inform the Medical Supervisor, and perform skills training, on the job coaching and daily guidance.
  • Participate on all the training planning and implementation organised by Peshawar coordination team.
  • In charge of the health status of Merlin personnel in the field staff and their evacuation when/if needed.


  • Coordination and representation with local authorities and community representatives.


  • Any other tasks as assigned by Deputy Technical or management.

Personal Specification Essential

  • Medical doctor preferably with public health experience.
  • Experience of working with range of people, organisations and cultures.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team work, flexibility and relationship building skills.
  • Calm under pressure.
  • Fluent written and spoken English language.


  • Previous work NGO in remote areas.
  • Speak local language.