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Asif Public School System
20-C Block,Satellite Town
Rawalpindi, Pu, Pakistan

Phone: 051- 4428718,4455472
Web Site:

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Branch Head (O-Levels) Job


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Rawalpindi, Pu, Pakistan 


Education & Academia


60,000 - 70,000 per month

Job Views:


Employment Type:

Full time




Education: Corporate Development and Training

Job Description:

(a) Smooth and efficient functioning of all academic and administrative functions of the Branch;

(b) Exercise and administer control of the respective Branch;

(c) Implementation of APSS Policies, Rules, Staff JDsand orders of the Executive Council;

(d) Implementation of school planningand maintenance of record;

(e) Ensuring adherence to the Code of Conduct by him/herself and all the subordinate Staff;

(f) Keep EC APSS informed about all thecritical issues of the Branch;

(g) Supervise instructional work in classrooms vigilantly and effectively;

(h) Guide teachers on teaching methodology and ensure a high standard of instruction.

(I) Ensure teachers’ punctuality and availability in classes.

(j) Maintain up-to-date information about students’ strength, teachers’ nominal roll, syllabi-progress and examination/monthly test results.

(k) Coordinate with In-charge Progress Section for the conduct of monthly tests and examinations;

(l) Arrange regular Staff meeting to generate good team work;

(m) Teach 6-12 periods per week;

(n) Raise Annual Evaluation Reports of the Staff members;

(o) Perform any other duties assigned by the Principal.

Medium of Communication:

(a) Strictly ensure that only English language is used as themedium of communication and for teaching by all Staff members;

(b) English is compulsory language for all students. Instruct all the Teaching Staff that using any language other than English is not allowed;

(c) Put in all effortsto improve the spoken English standard of all students. Head will be responsible that if any student is unable tocommunicate in English. Provide extra coaching to such students to make them fluent in English;

(d) Impose fine on any teacheras per APSS Policywho does not talk in English.


(a) Make a flawless system for checking the students’ copies, diariesand attendance register; teachers’ planners and attendance register;

(b) Check Teachers Lesson Plannersweekly and Staff Attendance Register on daily basis;

(c) In consultation with Principal and Academic Coordinatorsconduct monthly Staff Workshop in respective Campus and brief the teachers about theimportance of students’ copies and diaries and sending the report to parents by which the parents assess the standard of the school;

(d) Ensure that all school copies and diaries are maintained beautifully;

(e) Check, whether the students carry school diaries and copies of school system, if otherwise these should be returned to parents immediately;

(f) Direct class teachers to ensure that Student’s Name, Father's Name, Class, Section, Campus Nameand Registration Number are written beautifullyon the Cover page of the copies and diaries;

(g) Ensure that index is completed in school copy;

(h) Impose fine on class teachers whose copies and diaries are not maintained as described above;and awardthem Appreciation Letter if their copies and diaries are nicely maintained.

(i) Spot check copy / diary of any student from any section and mark the mistakes and put the sign, date and stamp;

(j) Put up rechecked copies to Academic Coordinator and Principal who will also sign the copies;

(k) Check oneset of copy daily and sign on it with seal and write complete details in Copy Rechecking Register andput it up to the Academic Coordinator for endorsement of his / her remarks;

(l) Ensure that daily copy checking system is highly transparent;

(m) Ensure that students must do work on copy which must be checked by the teacher clearly pointing out the mistakesand sign the copy;

(n) Ensure that all teachers complete the diary of students on daily basis.

16. Co-curricular Activities. Lay due emphasis on PT/games and co-curricular activities.

17. Organizing School Functions. School functions including Prize Distribution Ceremonies, Debate Competitions, Parents’ Day, celebration of National Days, etc are held periodically at the school; following shall be the responsibilities of the Branch Head in this regard:

(a) Organizing all school functions according to the schoolevent calendar;

(b) Planning of the programme, printing of brochures, etc;

(c) Preparing students for recitation ofHoly Quran, debates, etc;

(d) Making arrangements for participation of student in debate competitionsin coordination with teaching Staff;

(e) Ensure that administrative arrangements including stage preparation, tent-age, installation of proper sound system and refreshment for the guests are made by the I/c Admin Deptt.

Job Requirements:

Good communication skills, computer literate, management skills, Curriculum designing skills, Time table making skills, Training skills, Good Administrator