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Company Info

141/D, Block II, Allama Iqbal Road, PECHS
Karachi, si, Pakistan

Phone: +92 21 3455 7089
Web Site: http://www.gaditek.com

Company Profile

Research / Development Architect


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Karachi, si, Pakistan 


Software Development Jobs

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Employment Type:

Full time, Permenent



Job Description:

  • Responsible for leading projects involving DPI, NGFW, Data Compression, SSL decryption (Encrypted traffic) Protocol Research, Near real-time malicious traffic anlyais (IDS/IPS), User-level granular & custom traffic rules. Deep involvement in customizing or re-writing network protocol and/or application classifications for the stated protocols.
  • The job role involves woroking with Open Source tools and OS such as OpenStack, OpenFlow, SDN/NFV frameworks, Puppet, Chef, Ansible and related technologies.
  • Coordinate and explore architecture candidates with our team of consultants worldwide, research heavily for orchestration framework binding multiple Open Source, proprietary and in-house custom developed solutions.
  • Responsible for team planning, scheduling and career path development.
  • Work with a multi-faceted R&D team having network engineers, software engineers and DevOps engineers in it and be therefore responsible for end-to-end design, build and provision a scalable fault tolerant global platform that will act as a dynamic bedrock for our global security, privacy and encryption VPN service that physically spans 45 countries and 65+ PoPs.

Job Requirements:

  • At least 5 years of R&D Development & Test experience, in depth knowledge of OpenSouce software such as OpenStack, OpenFlow, GIT/SVN, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Redmine, Apache Kafka, Reddis, KVM, XEN, Ubuntu, Openstack, Cloudstack etc.
  • In-depth knowledge and work experience of SDN & NFV solutions and frameworks.
  • Familiar with the Linux and Windows worlds.
  • Familiar with the areas in networking, Systems, storage & virtualization technology.
  • Strong programming/script skill in Python, Perl, Ruby shell, C/C++, Java/JavaScript etc
  • Good communication and documentation skills, good team working and problem solving skills, demonstrated ability to be mentor in training people.
  • Fluent in reading and speaking English is a plus


Programming Languages

JavaScript Ruby Perl Python Java



Source Controls


Operating Systems